Genetic Counseling…or Lack Thereof

We met with a genetic counselor today at Dr. Silver’s office.  She was friendly and started the appointment with a brief biology lesson on common chromosomal disorders.  She went over the results of my blood work in detail and reminded us that the results only told the likelihood of having or not having a chromosomal disorder, not a yes or no answer.  As I suspected, she pushed for us to get an amniocentesis to find out what more could be “wrong”.  The amniocentesis comes with a chance of miscarriage and, at this point, would not tell us anything more of what could affect a healthy delivery for the baby.  Thankfully, AJ and I already decided that what would be would just be, and further testing was not right for us.

I fully undertand the point of genetic counseling and appreciate the work of our counselor.  I also understand preparing for the worst.  But our faith needs to be in God that he will keep his hands on the baby, and not in the fears of the outcome of 100s of tests.

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