Under The Gun

Here’s a fun little story to maintain some positivity in the midst of all that we’ve learned to expect with baby Luca’s condition.

It was a rough afternoon after our first meeting with the cardiologist and learning about the baby’s CHD.  That evening, AJ wanted to get a tattoo to represent Luca.  He and his tattoo artist came up with a rough design of a heart with a cross and they got to work.  AJ got the design on his wrist, along with the roman numerals of our wedding anniversary.


(Side note: If anyone in SoCal is looking for a great and clean artist, check out Hollywood Stars Tattoo.  Erik Gutierrez has done all the work on both of AJ’s sleeves.)

A few days later, AJ’s parents and sister all got the same design on their wrist.  This was his mom’s first tattoo!


^ LA, Linda, and Tabatha.  Looks like Linda didn’t mind it too much?!

The next day, I found out that my dad got the tattoo.  You read that right, my dad.  He’s a believer in “to each his own”, but, I can’t lie, he’s old school.  He never had any tattoos and he’s rolled his eyes every time any of us came home with a new one… until now. My dad meandered his way through social media (remember, an old school guy with an iPhone), and found the picture AJ posted of his tattoo on Instagram. He made an appointment at the tattoo shop, had the artist print and trace AJ’s picture, then had it sized and lined up under the wrinkles on his right wrist to position it just like AJ’s.  He did all of this without any of us knowing.  And this is my dad.  Just shocking and so touching at the same time.


^ Dad, you are the man!

The next day, I get a text from my brother, Jeff, with a really sweet message and a picture of his new ink.


And just recently, we got this message from some close family friends who got a variation of the heart design with an outlined cross on the inside (and a pretty cool one, too).


We have felt your love and prayers and are truly overwhelmed with the support we have received while we navigate what’s next for our baby.  It was really fun getting message after message surprising us of people getting the tattoo. Of course we know that loved ones without tattoos love baby Luca just as much as those with tattoos, but we just wanted to share this fun story of positivity.

If you think of it in the coming days, please pray for our wisdom in choosing a team of doctors and surgeons for baby Luca.  We’re lucky to be in an area with two highly nationally ranked hospitals for babies with CHDs and we want to be sure we make the right choice.

3 thoughts on “Under The Gun

  1. My prayers are with you all. This is such a hard thing to go through, but with all the love for AJ and you, I know God will answer all prayers and help Luca.

  2. Luca, your family is waiting for your arrival. We are going to love you to pieces baby.. We love you very much… Love Lollie & Pop Pop

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