From AJ

So I’ve been used to a restriction of 150 characters. I just want to give my thoughts on this entire process going on with our son, Luca.

Since my wife, Megan, and I have been married there was always the question, “when are you going to have children?” There’s never a right answer but we wanted to wait a few years so we could enjoy life in LA and enjoy our sleep. When Megan first told me she was pregnant I didn’t believe her, and I even pee’d on a pregnancy test just to test it. Well, I wasn’t pregnant but she was.

As a boy/man, whatever you want to call me, I wanted my first child to be a boy for a few reasons. To be able to watch me play soccer and to also protect his sister(s) if we were to ever have any. But playing soccer was the major one. I started playing soccer when i was four years old, and that’s what i always saw my kids doing as soon as they could walk. So it’s hard for me to sit in a doctors office and hear the doctor say my child most likely won’t be able to play sports, at all.

I’ve had and still have aspirations that my son will grow up watching me play soccer, and become a professional himself. I want him to be just like me but look like his mother, with my tan. Hopefully he can be even better than I am at soccer, and even have a left foot… I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for being strong willed and having to prove people wrong. So, there’s no way in hell I’m giving up hope for what’s to come from this kid.

Soccer is more than a job, and right now it is also my coping mechanism, the field is a place I can go and for a few hours get my mind off of life outside the lines. You wouldn’t have known from my post game interview reaction, but I had to meet doctors, surgeons, and tour a NICU the same day of our FC Dallas home game. The game brings joy, and obviously winning helps dealing with things as well. So my post game facial expressions are who I am, making people laugh and enjoy life. I’m still doing it and still being me.

Outside the lines we know this heart condition Luca has is very serious, as the doctors keep telling us. But I still have hope and faith that when he is born the doctors will come to us and say “it’s a miracle, Luca’s heart is perfect.” Even it doesn’t play out like that, I know we have so much support and prayers for him that he’s bound to make it through all of this and live a normal and healthy life.

So to everyone who has been supporting with prayers and sending us kind words, THANK YOU.

Ps- Took English 101 in college but I got a D, so don’t judge this post. And let’s be honest, this happened because of Twitter.

10 thoughts on “From AJ

  1. Praying for your little family! If you guys need anything please don’t hesitate to reach out! Sending lots of love!!

  2. I’m certain he will be just as Badass as his father…. Sending you guys well wishes for the future!!!!

  3. Your words were honest and from the heart! Praying for your son, and praising God for the wonderful parents God has chosen for Luca!

  4. You have always been one of the most dedicated and hard working LA Galaxy and your faith and determination make me proud. I continue to pray for your family and hope your prayers are answered.
    PS-you are one of my favs, along with Todd. I love the work that you do in every game!

  5. Thanks for sharing with us, A.J. I think you are wise not to give up hope.
    I used to be a preschool teacher for special needs kids. One day a mother told me that, after her daughter was born with Down Syndrome, the doctor told her she would never walk or talk or feed herself. By the time she got to preschool, she was already doing all those things and more. And she was a delightful child!
    We depend on doctors for their medical expertise. We rely on them for advise. But remember, they can’t predict the future. There is only One who knows Luca’s future and He loves him even more than you do. His unconditional love is incomprehensible.
    We understand that your enjoyment of the game doesn’t mean you don’t love Luca. We know you do. Celebrate the accomplishments of the team and your teammates.
    “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God;” Philippians 4:6

  6. I do not know how to tell you how proud of the man you are today . I love you so much and am so proud to call you my little brother . Luca is not even born yet and I couldn’t imagine loving this little guy more than I already do. My beautiful nephew is a blessing and a wonderful gift to this family . He will be your best friend and your biggest fan. I am so excited to watch you grow with him as a father because I must say you are by far a amazing uncle to your nephews who just adore you more than life . I am so proud of you and Megan and this beautiful life you have created .

    I love you both so much . aunt tabby loves you Luca Wyatt De La Garza

  7. I have no doubt Luca will be an awesome soccer player some day. CHLA is the best! There will be bumps in the road. Two steps forward and three steps backwards, but I truly believe that this long road ahead will only make baby Luca the strong warrior he will become. Thoughts and prayers for mom and dad to remain positive, hopeful and strong for Luca – and even more thoughts and prayers for Baby Luca and his team of surgeons. -All the best from the Vanney family

  8. Your a strong man bro, my thoughts and prayes go out to ya and meagan. When I first heard about anything, my sister in law told me to watch a video of you, meagan , baby luca, MLS support. I straight teared, cried, felt the pain that you were feeling. And meagan. In the time that we have grown to know each other bro, unconditional love from me and my family as well. I’m blessed to have you in my life. With a future and more to come. See ya in September, october, for some family memories. Ya older bro in northern cali.

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