Helping Others + Final Update

People have asked how they could help our family, but there’s lots of other families who need our help as well. We’ve set up a fund with Children’s Hospital LA for tax-deductible gifts to go directly to their Heart Center. This will fund research in helping children like Luca live long and heart-healthy lives. We’ve been lucky to work with a team of renowned doctors and have received excellent attention and care at CHLA. This is how we feel best lead in raising CHD awareness at this time.

For a quick update, I had my final perinatologist and OB appt last week. Baby weighs about 6.5lbs (yes!), but unfortunately they found some unusual blockage around his anus, suggesting intestinal problems. This has never been seen on our ultrasounds before, so it’ll be something they look for in his 5 minute evaluation before the septectomy. It could end up being nothing or it could mean additional surgeries. We won’t know until he’s here.

In all my frustration in switching doctors midway through my pregnancy and sitting 2 hours in one way traffic for weekly appointments, I had a good final prenatal appt with my OB. She reminded me that I’m the exact place I should be for the sake of the baby. She even shed a tear with me.

With that, we are 4 days out. We’ll be sure to keep everyone posted when Luca arrives. Please continue to pray for Thursday and beyond!

8 thoughts on “Helping Others + Final Update

  1. Praying that your baby and your family are in the best hands they can be in. GOD is in control and may HE continue to be with you throughout this impending delivery and surgery. GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. The kids and I prayed for your family, Luca and all the medical professionals who are waiting for your little boy today. We pray that God fills you with a great peace today knowing that He already knows Luca’s story and is holding you all in His hands! xoxo

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