He’s here!

Luca was born at 10:35am PT at 6.61 lbs, and came out crying, which is good. He just finished the septectomy and is getting settled in his CTICU room with all the cords and machines.

Now that we’ve made it past this, please continue to pray for the upcoming days we are all facing and for Luca’s next heart surgery, sometime within the week.

We are so overwhelmed by all the love and support leading up to today. Thank you all!

24 thoughts on “He’s here!

  1. I’m soo happy to hear that Baby Luca is here and that he came out crying. Your family is an inspiration to me. I will continue to pray for baby Luca and your family.

  2. Luca has so many spirits watching over him. I put in a special request this morning, so if you see your great grandmother, Eleanor or your great great grandmother, Berlean or any of your other departed spirit/angel relatives in his room today, Megan, don’t be alarmed – they are just bringing Luca their spirit love and healing powers. Our minds have been busy today with nothing but thoughts of you and A.J. and Luca.

  3. Been praying so happy to hear he is transferred. Prayingfor megan it must be so hard to be separated from the little baby Luca

  4. I have been thinking about all of you today. Praise God with Luca’s birth. Continue to pray for everyone involved in his care and the family.

  5. That’s great news! Happy Birthday lil guy! Now keep using those lungs. Much love from all your new fans lil Luca! Sara, and baby Athen send you many kisses and will keep praying for you and mommy and daddy!

  6. I have prayed every single day since you announced luca has hlhs and I will continue to pray every single day! Im glad he came out crying and that the delivery went smoothly! Congrats on your beautiful baby boy! You and aj will make wonderful parents 🙂

  7. Congratulations Megan and AJ, as well as all the grands! What a mighty God we serve! Your church, FBCW, continues to bath Luca and you guys in prayer. Much love!

  8. I have no words to express…! I pray you & your family have the strength & Love… I’m so sorry for your loss..!!! My heart aches for your family.!!! Prayers to you & your family…. Angel Luca 👼🙏

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